My name is Richard, nice to meet you. I am your local realtor servicing downtown Vancouver and Vancouver Westside. Real estate has always been an aspiration of mine long before I started a career in this industry. My prior experience in the fashion industry and my graduation from the Central Saint Martins in London left me with a void in my life, which was soon filled after I decided to switch gears and finally pursue a career in real estate.

Real estate is a lifestyle that I breathe and live in. As a realtor, my job doesn’t stop at finding the perfect home for you and your family, or selling your beloved house at the best price possible. My job is the process of creating value for my client that will last a lifetime. Whether that is maximizing the return on your real estate investment, finding that charming loft with an ocean view, or even getting you invites to exclusive events around town, I am here for you whenever you need me. I love this amazing city with all my heart, and I am excited to share my passion and my knowledge of real estate with you.


Why should you choose me over thousands of other REALTORS® when you decide to purchase a home or list your property for sale? I pride myself in delivering outstanding performances in the following areas:


I believe a comprehensive marketing plan is the best way to get your place sold at the highest price possible within a reasonable amount of time. I use a scientific approach that is based on the market data analysis and your property evaluation to develop an innovative marketing plan that is designed specifically to maximize the market exposure of your home. This allows me to utilize various marketing tools to connect quality buyers to your property while avoiding counter-productive marketing activities. I will be actively involved in every stage of the marketing plan, from designing an eye-catching brochure to hosting a fabulous open house; you can count on me for my total and undivided attention to help you sell your property at its best value.


As REALTORS®, we all have the same access to all the listings in the market. But what differentiates me from other REALTORS® is my ability to negotiate for my client’s best interests. In the process of establishing a strong negotiation strategy, I evaluate all possible negotiation tactics based on your circumstance, and come up with the most ideal action plan to secure your dream home. I’m committed to always putting your best interests above all else and giving you my best efforts in landing you that perfect home.


My loyalty and care to you as a client starts the moment we set up our initial meeting, and will last a lifetime. My commitment to you goes beyond showing you all the listings, hosting your open houses or getting you the perfect home. It is about guiding you through the whole real estate process and making it a pleasant experience for you and your family. Dealing with real estate can be very hectic and emotionally draining, and by giving me the chance to do all the heavy lifting for you, you can sit back, relax and put all your time and effort into enjoying other finer things in life. As a Vancouverite with a Chinese background, I am more than happy to help you with other needs you might have as a new resident of this beautiful city. And remember, I am always a phone call away.


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