Luxury Real Estate Marketing - 4639 Simpson Ave 珍宝轩

simpson 438


SOLD IN 27 DAYS! When the seller reached out to me, I knew 4639 would be a tough sale given its high price tag and its year-long market fatigue due to its previous listing. One thing that's certain when I took over the listing in August was that it would take more than just 20 pictures and a floor plan to paint a vivid vision of a fabulous lifestyle for any buyers who are interested in this property. As a luxury real estate broker, my experience has taught me that luxury buyers value the vision and the association that a product creates just as much, if not, more than the product itself. Wealthy oversea buyers have dominated Vancouver's luxury real estate market for years. The location of a home and the prestige that comes with a neighbourhood are often definitive to a successful real estate sale when dealing with oversea buyers. Our marketing plan focused on directly targeting wealthy foreign buyers and drew their attention to the beautiful details of the home and its surrounding neighbourhood. And the result - a successful sale in just 28 days.  


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