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Richard Bao, Real Estate Broker
Paula Sinconegue, Creative Assistant


If you are looking for a highly skilled real estate professional who employs a client-centered philosophy with a result-driven mindset, you have come to the right place. My name is Richard Bao, and I am your local realtor servicing the Greater Vancouver region.

Why Me

The truth is that you can sell your home or buy a property without ever using a realtor. Many people choose to sell their homes on their own, while some buyers buy properties without a realtor. However, those who do not engage a realtor during a real estate transaction often come from a place of saving costs on paying commissions. Why? Because most people don’t see the value of hiring a realtor. They assume that a realtor’s job simply consists of taking pictures of the home and hosting open houses. While it may be true for some, my value proposition to you goes well beyond the industry standard.

No BS, No Sugar Coating, No Beating Around the Bush, Full Transparency

I see things as they are and I speak my mind. I must admit that I have a very strong personality and that is because I care about my clients and I guard their trust in me with the highest honour. Anything I see that can potentially jeopardize your best interest will be fully disclosed to you; and anything I see that can maximize your interest will not only be done, but it will be done in the best way possible. When you choose me to advise you on a real estate transaction, your best interest is my utmost interest and your goal is my only priority. I will set your expectations of my services during our initial meeting, and I will thoroughly explain everything from my marketing methods to the commission that I charge. Any questions you have will be answered and any requests you have will be discussed.

Result-Proven Systems for a Smooth Transaction

Let’s face it, any realtor can hire a stager to stage your home, employ a photographer to take pictures, commission a graphic designer to design a brochure, set up showings for your homes, host endless weekend open houses, and so on. But the difference between me and other realtors is how efficient I am at managing all the tasks to minimize the impact that my job has on your daily routines, while maximizing the effectiveness of all my marketing activities. I systemize all my business procedures from pre-listing appointments, showing follow ups, to offer presentations and post-sale client cares, so you know what to expect at each stage of your real estate transaction. The number one reason that most sellers and home buyers are dissatisfied with their realtors is a lack of communication. And my communication system will ensure that you are updated at your preferred frequency in your preferred method.

Consistent Coaching for Continuously Bettered Results

My skillsets are crucial to my survival in a highly competitive industry. Just like any successful athlete who trains consistently and tirelessly with their coach to constantly strive for better performances, I am no different. I train weekly with my personal business coach to fine-tune my practice in order to deliver better experiences and higher results to my clients. Rest assured I will always strive for the best at everything I do in order to meet your real estate goals.

Client Service, Client Experience, Client Success, My Success – In That Order

I am not a sales person, but rather a service provider. And my service to you is simple yet impactful – I give you my knowledge and my expertise to help you succeed your real estate goals, while making sure the experience is also positive and memorable. The success of my business is based solely on your referrals and your recommendations of me to others, and it is only when you are happy with the level of service and the results that I deliver to you that I can consider myself a successful realtor.

Savvy Negotiator by Nature, Strategic Marketer by Trade

Born into a family of lawyers, I grew up hearing my parents negotiating with others over the phone and in person. I have had my fair share of negotiations with them through my teenage years and well into my adulthood. I believe that sophisticated negotiating skills are absolutely integral to the success of any business deal. I negotiate strategically to ensure that your interests and your needs are always taken care of. While I believe my negotiating skills come naturally, my way of marketing is a skill that I have mastered through years of academic learning and practice. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Simon Fraser University and a Master’s Degree in Fashion Marketing from the London College of Fashion.

Who I Prefer to Work With

I am my business, and I work closely with one assistant to ensure that all my clients are well cared for. My small team and the high level of service that I provide only allow me to work with a selected number of clients at a time without compromising the quality of experiences that I deliver to my clients. As a result, I prefer to work with the following types of buyers or sellers:

  • Those who have clearly defined motivations and objectives, which means you are motivated to sell your home for the highest dollar, or you are ready to purchase your next property
  • Those who value opinions and advise from professionals
  • Those who have a team mindset, and understand that a successful real estate transaction is the result of a teamwork
  • Those who enjoy an open and honest communication environment
  • Those who are determined and cooperative
  • Those who are looking to cultivate a long-term business relationship


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