• What we were looking for was a very unique property. We worked with Richard for about 4 months until finally he was able to find the exact property that we were were looking for. After finding the perfect home for us, Richard helped us to negotiate for almost $100k under its original asking price. When it comes to negotiation, Richard is extremely masterful with his techniques and he can think quickly and logically under lots of time pressure. The whole process of finding our home was extremely smooth and his communication skill was effective and efficient. You can tell he is passionate about his career because of the way he treats his clients. We saw one home that we wanted to submit an offer on originally, however, he strongly advised against it because of the possibility of a future building going up on the site across the street that would eventually block the view. He’s honest, direct and at the same time understanding and compassionate. I can’t recommend him enough!!

    Richard Bao helped us buy in May, 2018
    - Michael & Katherine Pan
  • It was a pleasure having Richard as my real estate agent. He was knowledgeable, professional and timely. He truly went above and beyond to help me find a place that fit what I was looking for. Everything from the search, to the offer and finalization was seamless as Richard was always prepared with the necessary information. His knowledge of the market and research of the area that I was interested in was integral to making sure I was paying a fair price when I was ready to make an offer. I was highly impressed by his negotiation skills and would not hesitate to recommend Richard to anyone looking for a great real estate agent.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in February, 2017
    - Selina Lam
  • Ricky went above and beyond to find me exactly what I was looking for. And my needs were very specific. I was away for two weeks in between as well, and he took care of every detail for me from start to finish. I am proud to recommend Ricky to my friends and family. He has to be one of the best realtors in the Lower Mainland.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in March, 2017
    - Gina Hassan
  • It was a pleasure working with Richard. He was knowledgeable of the current market and savvy at predicting the future market direction. He was eager, resourceful and informative when it came to negotiation and providing the best advice in the fast pace market. I felt he was on my side every step of the way during my home purchase.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in March, 2017
    - Tommy Jaw
  • Richard did a great job helping us find our first condo. We spent multiple months looking for places in different neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Richard was great in getting us in to see a lot of places, we put in some offers that did not get accepted and finally landed on a good place for us. Richard worked closely with the other realtor in negotiating on our behalf and we feel like we got a fair deal on our purchase.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in March, 2017
    - Stas Pavlov
  • We just got a new home with Richard's help at Vancouver West. It was a happy and unforgettable experience! As everybody knows, it's not easy to find an idea house in current Vancouver property market. Amazingly we successfully bought one within 4 weeks only! Thanks to Richard! Thanks to his familiarity with the market, thanks to his professional knowledge, thanks to his objective and pertinent advises, we finally got a brand new single family house we like very much there. If you don't know Richard, you can not imagine how nice, how thoughtful and how patient he is! Richard is really a trustworthy and excellent real estate professionals, he, of course, could definitely become your friend. Thank you Richard!

    Richard Bao helped us buy in April, 2017
    - Henry Zhang
  • Nice and hard working.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in April, 2017
    - L F
  • Mr. Bao is a careful and responsible agent. He has a strong sense of responsibility, and he is always able to give the clients a satisfying answer every time we have a question. He created really awesome connections between clients and agents. Especially when we have questions after we purchasing the apartment, he always helps us and provides us with possible plans. The cooperation of us is excellent.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in April, 2017
    - Yun Qian
  • Richard is a great realtor with great passion and care. He helped us to buy new home when we were in another city and gave professional assistance though the whole process. He also helped us settle down after the purchase and gave kindly help beyond the buy and sell. He is a realtor that you can put trust in and can also be a good friend.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in May, 2017
    - Fan Z
  • Our experience in selling our home with Richard and Adina was terrific. I was really stressed about the thought of selling our place but they made it so easy for us. Sure, there were a few moments when we had issues with our tenants during the open house but Richard calmed everyone down and in the end the tenants were fine with the whole event. Richard is a really strong negotiator. He easily paid for their commission through negotiating for more money on our house and we sold for higher than expected. I think that's one of the most important skills I wanted in a realtor working for us - strong negotiation skills but yet he was always still very polite and easy to get along with. It seemed almost effortless for him but I know he was working hard. Are we happy with the results? Yup!!!

    Richard Bao helped us sell in May, 2017
    - Anne Smith
  • Richard is professional and has excellent communication skills. His knowledge of current market is great and is fantastic at coming up with strategies. Full service 100%

    August 2017
    - Ken Ku
  • This young gentleman is nice and cooperative.

    August 2017
    - Wanli Zhan
  • Working with Richard to sell my home was an amazing experience from start to finish. His attention to detail and willingness to keep me involved at all times was extremely comforting, knowing that he had my best interest in mind at all times. We discussed my price expectations, to which he educated me about the current market and trends surrounding the location of my home, and actually received a higher payout than what I had originally hoped for. He set up viewings of the home, and I was provided with a work back schedule of the viewing times and process, which was very nice to have to keep things organized. Once we had an offer, Richard took care off all negotiation, and put together a clause which allowed us to rent the apartment back from the buyers at under market value, until we moved into our new home, which is still 8 months away from being built. There were a few small items that needed to take care of before the buyers wanted to close (Washer leak, etc.), which was swiftly taken care of by Rich and his team, who orchestrated the small fixes around the house. All I had to do was leave the keys with the concierge to be picked up by his assistant during the day of the work to be completed. This was a massive help, as I would have been unable to take time off of work. Finally, we closed the deal, and Richard send me a heart felt video congratulating me on the sale. A great final touch to a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your professionalism, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Richard Bao helped us sell in September, 2017
    - Robert Lista
  • We used Richard to help us look for a pre-sale unit as an investment property. Not only was he able to find a property in a timely manner, he also demonstrated a tremendous understanding of financial analysis on various real estate investment opportunities. Richard was referred to us by a family friend who has used him many times in the past, and I believe his strong work ethic is vital to the success of his business. We look forward to working with Richard again on our next real estate project and we won't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable realtor!

    Richard Bao helped us buy in February, 2018
    - Sunny Zeng
  • Richard is an absolute pleasure to work with. I didn't know in which area I would want to purchase. He is very knowledgeable about the marker and helped me narrow down my choices and set the priorities. He is well aware of the trends and was able to provide sound advice. His has an exemplary negotiation skills and was able to secure a contract with highly desirable terms. Richard is very clear in his communications and was able to explain the process from beginning till the end. He is incredibly professional and generally is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in March, 2018
    - Renata Yulgusheva
  • Buying and selling properties previously, I have always been somewhat skeptical of real estate agents. I was never fully convinced that my interests superseded the interests of my agent. Richard was a game-changer for us and he went far beyond anything we could have expected - and I had high expectations. He converted our okay home into a gorgeous place, almost to the point where we didn’t want to sell it anymore! Not only did he suggest and guide us through recommended renovations, updates, and staging, he and his team managed the entire process in the most professional way imaginable. And while being incredibly professional, he and Paula where also amazingly personal. When we needed moving boxes on a Sunday morning, Richard was there at 8:30 dropping off boxes he had in storage, along with fresh coffees for us, lending a hand with packing everything up. The outcome of all of his effort and passion was the most stress-free real estate experience I have ever had. Not only that, we sold our home way above what we thought possible, and in an astonishingly short period of time!

    Richard Bao helped us buy and sell in April, 2018
    - Oliver Bleicher
  • Richard was amazing to work with. As a mortgage broker, it was great to have a personable and responsive realtor to make our mutual client's home buying process as smooth as possible. Richard is knowledgeable, professional, and driven. It was a long process of looking and bidding on other properties in a highly competitive market and Richard kept pushing and trying to find a solution. And he did just that! He really put in the work, and it showed in the results! A pleasure to work with, and an easy recommendation to others in the future.

    Richard Bao helped us buy in March, 2018
    - Jonathan Buffone
  • I just sold my loft in Gastown. I used realtor Richard Bao, who handled the sale for me. I found him very professional and helpful during this process. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their property.

    Richard Bao helped us sell in May, 2018
    - Kent Rauman