December 2016 Metro Vancouver Market Update

mvr 2016 december1


Historically speaking, from an inventory point of view December tends to be one of the quietest months of the year for Metro Vancouver's real estate market. This past month had proven to be no exception. With the number of residential sales totaled 955 in Metro Vancouver in December, it indicated a 37% decrease compared to December 2015. The Greater Vancouver Region had also seen a decline of 39.4% in the number of sales recorded in December which totaled 1,714 - 8.1% below the 10-year sale average for the month. Despite a significant decrease in the number of sales for the region which was largely fueled by a decline in the inventory, the price for both detached and attached homes had remained high with an average increase of 10% compared to December 2015.


Metro Vancouver Market At-A-Glance 


Greater Vancouver Market At-A-Glance 



Metro Vancouver ATTACHED homes Monthly Variances 

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Metro Vancouver DETACHED homes Monthly Variances

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