Reminder: City of Vancouver Advance Tax Deadline February 2, 2017!



Tax season is here, and here is my number one tip for Vancouver property owners on how to save money on your property tax this season - pay your advance tax notice by February 2, 2017, to avoid 5% penalty on your unpaid balance!

温哥华的业主已在今年年初收到了由温哥华政府寄出的先前税单(Advance Tax Notice),为了避免客户因忘记按时缴税而接受5%的罚单,再次我总结了两种最为方便的纳税方法。


There are four ways to pay your property tax, please click here for more detail  

  • Through your property tax and utility account
  • Through your bank or credit union
  • Drop off, mail or in person at the City Hall
  • Installment Plan


I have created the following step-by-step instructions on how to pay for your property tax using the most popular, and the easiest methods 


Method One: Pay for Your Advance Tax Notice Through Your Property Tax and Utility Account



Step One: Go to City's property tax and utility account page at


screenshot 2017 01 13 155536


Step Two: Click on Login if you already have an account set up, otherwise please click on Register Now to set up a new account.

步骤二:如果您已经在市政厅的官网上注册过账户,请直接点击Login登陆,否则请点击Register Now注册新的账户。

screenshot 2017 01 13 155537


Step Three: Fill out the information required then click on Register


screenshot 2017 01 13 223439


Step Four:  Go to your email inbox, and you should have received an email from, check your junk mail box if you don't see one. Once the email is open, please click on here highlighted in blue to finish your registration process.


screenshot 2017 01 13 224537


Step Five: Go back to the main login page and enter your account name and password to log into your account. Click here for the main login page, or copy and paste the follow URL to your internet browser.



screenshot 2017 01 13 225140


Step Six: Once you're logged into your new account, please click on register to add your property to your account.


screenshot 2017 01 13 225314


Step Seven: Select Tax under account type and enter your Folio and Access Code as shown on your City of Vancouver Advance Tax Notice, then click on register.

步骤七:选择Tax,并按照您所收到的先前税单上的相关讯息,提供您物业的地税号(Folio)以及获取密码(Access Code)。

screenshot 2017 01 13 230107 bill cut


Step Eight: Once you are done adding your property to your Tax Account, you will then be able to access and pay for all your Tax and Utility bills online.


screenshot 2017 01 13 231202


Method Two: Pay For Your Advance Tax Notice Through Online Banking


You can simply add Vancouver Property Tax to your payee list by typing in Vancouver Property Tax or Vancouver in the search bar and select Vancouver Property Tax as your bill payee. Your account number is the folio number shown on your Advance Tax Notice. 

最简单的缴税方式是通过您的网上银行。在收款人查询栏中输入Vancouver Property Tax或者Vacouver,然后选在Vancouver Property Tax作为收款人,接着将先前税单上提供的地税号(Folio)输入至account number一栏,即可轻松缴税。切记别将Vancouver Utilities错选为收款人!!!!!

P.S. Depending on your banks, the payee name might differ. But it should say Vancouver Tax regardless. Remember NOT to select the payee Vancouver Utilities!!!!!

根据您的银行而定,收款人的名字会有所不一,但是无论是哪家银行,收款人姓名中都应该包含Vancouver Tax二字。


Sample Payee Search - HSBC


screenshot 2017 01 13 232314


Sample Payee Search - TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust网上银行添加收款人截屏

screenshot 2017 01 13 232304


TA DAAAAAAA! Now you are all set! Take a seat, relax and WAIT FOR YOUR SECOND PORTION OF THE TAX NOTICE!!!!! 


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